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Dear friends, I just couldn’t help myself and made a list of my absolute CPPP’s, namely Community Portal Pet Peeves. These are the things that truly piss me off on myspace and other sites, so… well, you know who you are!

– advertisement-ridden hackers (for heaven’s sake, I only click on an ad if I want to support the site owner because he/she fucking deserves it, which obviously means that I’m not going to do that for an intrusive, pushy cocksucker I don’t even know!!!)

– shallow artist-wannabes posting superficial blogs three times a day (with just a link – normally youtube – or some hoax-like repost in it)

– „please comment on my new pix” bulletins on myspace, AT LEAST five times a day

– kiddos adding photoshopped pictures of well-known paintings, referring to them as „their” art

– people who regularly visit your profile/blog and never ever comment, inc. real-life friends

– people who do not – from some sort of a strange reason – use punctuation of any kind

– people who add me on msn just because they want to know where I bought my skirt

– people who fucking repost everything without thinking first: many of these messages are fucking hoax-craps (I specially dislike the „Tom is closing myspace” and the „if you pass this on, you get a free iPod”-kind of messages)!

– friend collectors and picture stealers (how pathetic can you get? and how pointless that is?!)

– random acquiantances on iwiw who only accept add requests by their 20 close friends

– assholes on soulseek who do not allow more than two uploads per user (why does it disturb anybody, and what’s the point of sharing files then???)

–  when I see that ld50’s „normal questions” thread only contains questions but never any answers (nobody actually gives a fuck abt the others)

– the funniest shit: the fact that the majority of VF admins tell you well in advance that you shouldn’t bother them with:

ˇ “problems with ratings or downraters
ˇ reporting users for nudity
ˇ complaining about other users
ˇ transferring your premium membership
ˇ transferring cult ownership
ˇ any other site-related problems”

so you begin to wonder why the hell they are actually site administrators if you’re better off praying to God…

Posted in my blog on 11th May 2007.

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