Space and Time

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Had to re-consider my relationship with time and space again. Time flies so damn fast that I can barely keep track of it… I remember how I felt about time when I was a child and thought of “summer holiday” as though it was an eternity… Now it’s just a quick flash and it’s over before I regain my consciousness. The older I grew, the harder it became to capture moments, so soon I began to think it’s one of the very first signs of growing old, long before the wrinkles under your eyes appear.

Later I acquired feelings in the evening that alienated me from the morning of the following day. “How can so many things happen within such a short period of time?” – I had to ask myself. Many times I felt like “I’m waiting years for this day to end”. Then of course, I realized that time is only a human term to define the undefinable, therefore it only exists in the material world and becomes fully irrelevant as soon as we think in terms of internal events.

Time gains an entirely different sagacity when you are on a journey. I’ve been pondering for a long time why things can turn so upside-down when I’m “so far from shore I left behind, still far from shores I’ve yet to reach”. Why do I need to be ten thousand kilometers away from home to understand certain things I’ve always known somewhere deep inside?

Recently, I found a perfect explanation for this phenomenon. Just read it, it’s by my lovely honey -well, lol- Paulo Coelho: “When you travel, you experience, in a very practical way the act of rebirth. You confront completely new situations, the day passes more slowly, and on most journeys you don’t even understand the language. So you are like a child just out of the womb. Since all things are new you only see the beauty in them, and you feel happy to be alive. A pilgrimage has always been one of the most objective ways of achieving insight, because you are away from the day to day hassles and routine of your life you can see things more clearly…” […]

“Life itself is a pilgrimage. Every day is different, every day can have a magic moment, but we don’t see the opportunity, because we think: ‘Oh this is boring I’m just commuting to work.’ But we are all on a pilgrimage whether we like it or not and the target, or goal, the real Santiago, if you like, is death. You must get as much as you can from the journey, because – in the end – the journey is all you have. It doesn’t matter what you accumulate in terms of material wealth, because you are going to die anyway, so why not live? When you realise that you can be brave and that is the first tenant of any spiritual quest – to take risks.”

I still have (and probably always will) a rather strange relationship with time and space. I cannot grasp and define time yet I have the ability to forget about its strictly interpreted traditional framework. I feel bound to my roots like an old tree thus unable to change my place… yet I am a slave to movement and big steps ahead, ready to leave everything behind.



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