The purpose of blogging

Talking about the purpose of blogging is a popular topic these days, and since I’m a blog-addict myself, I decided to jot down a few additional thoughts.

Why do I have a blog?

1. It’s a wonderful tool for me to put my thoughts in a concrete form, to materialize feelings and ideas I have in my mind. I’ve always seen writing as a perfect therapy that helps me understand things better.

2. Since both me and my friends are busy, we do not always find time for real-time communication (especially not when we really are in the biggest need for a good talk). Writing and reading blogs is the ultimate, perfect way for me to follow the life of those that are close to my heart. I do check my friends blog every day and I always feel honoured if they do the same.

3. An insightful blog is a good way to get to know new people or get closer to likeminded people you already know. If I meet someone interesting, I usually subscribe to their blog and invite them to read mine as it is a great way to discuss things and build a friendship. Moreover, to get reflection from people who do not know you that much is always useful.

4. All the above. A detailed, up-to-date and insightful blog is a bit like a cozy, family-like forum: interactive and encouraging. Kind of like a warm island in the middle of nowhere… therefore I always try hard to stay in touch with all my dearies via this wonderful device :).


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